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cant install huawei modem on XP pro 2002 SP2

Posted: 02:03 01 Nov 07 #1
  • stuart-a
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  • Join Date: 1 November 2007
I have a huawei modem (from 3) that will not load all drivers on my laptop running xp pro. The same modem loads OK onto another laptop running xp home. I've turned off all virus check and firewalls - still wont load. Seems to miss the Modem and Port driver. Any suggestions of what might be blocking it? I've spoken with 3 support already.
Posted: 19:57 04 Nov 07 #2
  • bes51659
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  • Join Date: 4 November 2007

Is the usb port of version 2? There's a mass storage device with an autorun file that installs the thing. And it requires USB 2.0.

Second, have you got enough mA on your USB port? A passive hub (100mA) is not good enough, you need 500mA.

Posted: 11:20 05 Nov 07 #3
  • stuart-a
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  • Join Date: 1 November 2007

Thanks. Have fixed it already. USB is 2.0. There was some sort of conflict with other hardware/drivers. I'll explain this as it may help others. (maybe?) Spoke with an engineer at Huawei office directly and he suggested it was a USB port issue as everything else seemed OK. After reading a post on another forum (I read a few!) I went to Device drivers in config and tried changing the properties of the USB Mass Storage device that was showing - as it didnt recognise it as a modem.

I had also copied the 4 drivers for Huawei device onto this laptop via my other laptop (that one had loaded OK first time when USB modem plugged in). Huawei engineer suggested I just copy the entire folder from USB modem.

After fiddling with modem/mass storage property to try and get it to reload/recognise the Huawei something happened and it worked. Sorry I cant remember exactly what - it was late! Seemed to pick up the new USB as the modem then.

End result - the modem works OK but I need to activate using the software, as it doesnt start up immediately after being plugged in.

Posted: 10:22 30 Nov 07 #4

to get my 3 modem (sort of working) on XP Pro SP2.... 

i spoke to Three Tech support (an irish lady with a lovely voice )

she recommended i use the double headed cable to draw more power  and then to disable all non MS services as some media software appears to confilct with teh modem software!

once all the non MS services where disabled it works fine - untill i reboot and then  i have to to do it all again !


Posted: 05:50 01 Dec 07 #5
  • stuart-a
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  • Join Date: 1 November 2007
I was told about the 'disbale all non MS services' step too when I was first trying to sort it out. But it didnt help me at the time.
Posted: 07:03 10 Dec 07 #6
  • bob24
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  • Join Date: 10 December 2007
you can also check out they have some posts that might be helpful :)
Posted: 18:43 27 Dec 07 #7
  • afs026
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  • Join Date: 27 December 2007
I guess this may be relevant but my 3 ( connection was fine for the first 6 weeks then started to misbehave. It would connect as HSDPA briefly then drop out to 3G and no data would flow. Three support suggested shut down, remove modem from USB port, reboot, shut down, reboot and then replug the modem into a USB port. This didn't really help and I appeared to get random success at a decent speed connection. However when I looked into the control panel > phone and modem > modems, I noticed that different USB ports had been used and the modem had been installed seven times. I deleted all of them refreshed the devices (scan for hardware changes) and the modem has been running OK since. XP pro/ SP2 etc.
Posted: 19:38 26 Jan 08 #8
  • fignon03
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  • Join Date: 26 January 2008

I have tried a 3G huawei modem with vodafone ireland, installed it ok last easter on my dell dimension desktop running xp home SP2, tied it again a few months later (its not belonging to me) and it wouldnt start , i uninstalled and it would uninstall properly and i eventually had to remove from registry. so now when i plug it in it shows up on system devices as a modem but then dissapears and reappears constantly (possibly not enough usb power or software conflict) i disabled windows firewall and my antivirus and still no luck, the software wont reinstall, vodafone ireland top tech support told me to take it to pc world etc as there suggestions had failed.

i see others mentioned disabling all non ms applications, can some explain how i identify with apps are ms and which are not and where i go to do this

secondly if my usb power is inadequate how do i increse this (someone mentioned  a dual cable? whats this about?)

th modem works fine on my new vista toshiba laptop but id love to gte it working on desktop too and sign up for my own modem, please help!

Posted: 14:01 15 Apr 08 #9

Finally i did it, install the usb modem as usual, when it fails, go to the device manager, find the yellow triangles on the usb controllers, select update driver and wait, ie make a cup of tea, eventually it will ask for a driver within C:\program files\program folder,

So now install the software from the supplied cd disc, and find the driver as detailed above,, do this for all the yellow triangles,

the cd will ask for you to complete the installation and it will name a conflict, just select ok  and follow your nose.



Posted: 10:21 15 May 08 #10
  • pen15en
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  • Join Date: 15 May 2008

Thank you for fiddling!

I've tried nearly everything to get the modem to work. After have read your post in this forum I went into the device manager and looked on USB devices. There was one masstorage unit. I deleted it, unpluged the modem and thereafter repluged it again. After a short while new kind of devices started popping up in installation.

When it was finished with the installation the modem worked fine.

It is only one thing. I've installed this modem on another computer aswell. The installation on that computer where a bit different, it was more normal with installation shield and so on. On the problem computer I copyed in everything from the memory in the modem to the harddrive. Then I made a shortcut of the autorun.exe on the desktop by myself.


Anyone who knows wy it didn't install automaticly.


Posted: 11:29 24 Oct 08 #11
  • Baatman
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  • Join Date: 24 October 2008

Thanks Pen15en. Your solution made my day. My E220 wasn't recognised by Vista home premium either, only the mass storage. I was on fone with 3-cust services for almost an hour and they couldn't solve it -talked about sending my modem to them for fixing.  :-s

After I deleted the usb mass starage, it picked up all the other bits incuding the storage. Why? who knows! It works now. I bit slow though, modem shows cyan light (HSDPA) but online broadband speed tests show 'dial-up' speeds. [43]

Can someone help here? 

I still need to update the firmware & hope that'll sort it.

Cheers! :-)

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