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Battery not detected

Posted: 22:08 27 Nov 07 #1
  • nzomatrix
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I received my OQO 02 today.  But for whatever reason it does not run off the battery.  And when I use it with Ac adapter and click on the battery icon in Vista it states that battery not detected and not charging either.  Tried everything from connecting to ac adapter for hours hoping it would charge.  To removing battery then reattaching it again to make sure it wasn't seated correctly.  But that doesn't seem to fix it.  Do you think I got a Dead Battery?  The battery light indicators don't turn on at all.
Posted: 14:17 08 Jan 08 #2
  • JamesGr
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  • Join Date: 8 January 2008


did you find out what was wrong with this?

I have just got a oqo 01+ and have exactly the same problem.

 Any advice?




Posted: 15:27 08 Jan 08 #3
  • Yoni
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  • Yoni
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Worth trying the following . 

1.       While on charge and with the unit turned on, remove the battery.

2.       Press and hold down the battery LED indicator button on the side of the battery for approximately ten seconds, until the fuel gauge LEDs cycle.   When the LEDs cycle, release the button.

3.       Now press and release the button again.  This is very important: do not just perform step #2 without performing step #3 afterwards.Keep on charge for 24hrs+ and check battery level again.


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Posted: 16:17 09 Jan 08 #4
  • rdfoto
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I received my 01+ today with same dead battery issue. Tried you test; no lights at any stage.No flashing on charge, no lights off machine. Guess I need a swap asap.


Posted: 16:37 09 Jan 08 #5
  • JamesGr
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  • Join Date: 8 January 2008

tried all tests no joy.

was told to complete return form wait 24 hours for reply then send oqo back. would recieve replacement within a week. too long!

said it was the battery, can i just send battery. was told no.

ordered new battery which came next day and works.

sent an email asking if i can return the faulty battery. waiting for reply.

first purchase from expansys and not happy.

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