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Max. size for SD card

Posted: 20:42 26 Jan 08 #1
  • ruznam
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Can anyone please let me know what is the max size of SD card you can use in the TOMTOM Go 720.  Thanks
Posted: 20:55 15 May 08 #2

G'day has your question been answered yet as i am interested in this matter


regards  peter

Posted: 11:28 21 May 08 #3
The 720 can read and write to a max of 4GB.  However, it can read at least 8GB but can't write higher than 4GB.  So you can load MP3 files etc on the larger card and 720 can see them.
Posted: 02:03 24 Jun 08 #4

whatever you do do not buy SD HC      HC= high capasity and is the new format for all SD cards problem is they wont work in the tom tom or many other deviced that dont say they support high capacity cards.


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