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Wifi not connecting, driving me mad.

Posted: 12:37 29 Jan 08 #1

Hi, first post =]

Since day 1 I've had problems with the wifi. initially I couldn't get it to connect to anything. I then got it connecting okay to my router at home after a soft reset. The router uses WPA2-PSK.

But I can't connect successfully to either my university wifi or other open hot spots around. I can occasionaly get to the login screen to enter my password to gain authentication (they are the sort of connections where if you try and go to google it redirects you to a login page where you put your username and password in before you can go elsewhere) but after that I can't navigate to any pages at all. To get the device to say "Connected" against any open hotspots I have to do a soft reset and let it connect automatically to its first choice. Then it will connect but not get past the login screen as above. After trying that once I can't change hotspots or re connect to any, It just says connecting for a few seconds then tries the next one on the list all the way down. I know I've got the credentials correct because they are open unencrypted networks. I also have the power slider up to max performance (the left) and this has made no difference. 

I am on o2 with bluetooth and gprs/edge off. I've not installed anything strange, flashed it etc,

Do I have to try a hard reset, If so ..How do I do this, do I need HTC Roms etc?

Thanks in Advance




Posted: 22:55 30 Jan 08 #2
  • Xmoo
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  • Xmoo
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Sometimes I have thiss problem with networks what use a certificate. Best thing to do is wait till eind of February (hope till then HTC released there new rom with some major fixen and Windows Mobile 6.1, and then flash it)

Yours Sincerely, Mohammad "Xmoo" M

Posted: 07:58 04 Feb 08 #3
  • Jari-Matti
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I had the same problem with all my devices, both WM5 and WM6. WPA2-PSK seems not supported by them. Try setting the encrtyption to WPA. It solved the problem with me. Theconnection now takes about two seconds. 

 Of course the security level is not as high, but I live in place where WLAN coverage doesn't go that far beyond our lot limits, so I can live with it.


Posted: 17:58 08 Feb 08 #4

It won't connect even on WPA networks.

Should I RMA the device or sit tight for this update? 

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