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PC to Phone Sync - is it possible?

Posted: 08:44 28 Feb 08 #1
  • RIA-45
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Does anyone know whether it is possible to transfer data from a Windows or Mac PC to the JCB (or Sonim XP1 upon which it is based)?  I would like to sync MS-Outlook names and addresses if possible, or via another address book if i need to.

Many thanks,

Posted: 09:00 28 Feb 08 #2
  • Yoni
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  • Yoni
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I can't find any mention of sync software for it, so not sure.

For more info you can download the manual for it on this link.  

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Posted: 04:39 02 Mar 08 #3

I've been sync'ing it using Philips mobile phone tools - it recognises the phone as a 9@9r, I think. I hooked it up using bluetooth - windows XP couldnt find any drivers using the usb interface.

A few other mobile phone programs recognise it also, but had limited functionality. One catch with my model (purchased through other channels) was that after synchronisation of contact list, the contacts had to be manually saved before the phone would recognise their existence.

Posted: 17:07 02 Mar 08 #4
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Thanks for the tip - I will go to their website and get the software.
Posted: 02:47 14 Jun 08 #5
Do you have any more details on this that you could share?  I just purchased a Sonim XP1 (the same as the JCB) and the phone is useless to me without being able to get 400 or so contacts moved over to it.   Sonim did send out a press release in March stating that they would have syncronization, but that, alas, seems to be nothing more than PR and nothing less than false hope.
Posted: 06:35 14 Jun 08 #6
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I did try the Philips sync software that one of the forums recommended.  It recognised the phone but I couldn't get it to transfer the data over.  Other than that I have not found a way of properly syncing.......sorry
Posted: 13:08 14 Jun 08 #7
Ahhh so you and I have managed to get the spot in this process.  It did manage to move one contact over once, but I don't know what magic happened to make that occur.
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