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Nokia 6300 Problem (Hang , Shut Down & not getting Formatted)

Posted: 01:32 16 Jun 08 #1
Well my Nokia 6300 gets hang and then shut down, it happens 3-4 times a day and sometimes when I switch it on it gets hang and shut down. I formatted my memory card and tried "restore factory settings" to format the phone memory. But after formatting the phone memory still my contacts and phone memory files are in there. As far as i heard using "restore factory settings" every data gets deleted & cleaned but WHY IT IS not working for me? The secuirity code is right and even it shows that "settings restored"
Posted: 07:12 16 Jun 08 #2
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Master reset usually clears everything but not always. However i dont think it will fix yours anyway, sounds like it needs to go to a service centre
Posted: 10:15 16 Jun 08 #3
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The 6300 isn't a smartphone so it's not possible to reformat it with a few keystrokes.  Restore factory settings simply removes data settings and connection settings. 

If you need to format the phone, either take it to a service centre and ask them to re-apply your firmware or you can attempt to do this yourself using Nokia Software Updater.

With reference to your hanging problem, try using the phone without a memory card in it for a day and see what happens.  It may be that the phone doesn't like your memory card


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Posted: 10:49 26 Jun 08 #4

Try switching off your phone, and then hold down the ok button, end button and the # key, and then switch on again.. possibly all datas in ur phone's memory will get cleared.. then once again try the restore factory settings command, make sure your memory card is removed..


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