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Phone cant turn on

Posted: 06:38 03 Aug 08 #1

it was full battery and i left it by my bedside and i went to sleep. when i woke phone is off and i couldnt power it on. obviously i have tried charging it. nothing happens. normally when you charge a dead battery it wont launch the OS but will at least say its charging. there is a red light on the left navigation key whenever i plug it in the charger or usb. it gets warm when i plug it into the charger which has always been normal. i doubt its the screen because if it was it would vibrate whenever i switch it on right?

i have taken out my memory card. didnt help

i dont know why my phone wont start. it cant be a battery problem. because if it was it would still start when i plug it in. please help me :|  is there like a hard reset, because i cant even swtich on the phone to master reset

Posted: 00:22 04 Aug 08 #2

Yeah, the best one is to remove the battery while the phone is on, however you can't, so just do it while the phone is off.  Leave it out for a few mins, then put the battery in.  Put the phone back on charge and after 3 hours, try to turn it on.  Not before.

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Posted: 09:08 04 Aug 08 #3
didnt work. any other ideas before i send it in tomorrow?
Posted: 09:14 04 Aug 08 #4
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Did you leave it for the full 3 HRS? 

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Posted: 09:27 04 Aug 08 #5
yes i did :( it was actually 3 and a half hours.
Posted: 18:45 04 Aug 08 #6

If you still have warranty no point in trying to fix it yourself.  Send it away, get it professionally repaired.  There are other ways, but they cost about £7.50 (€10)

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Posted: 22:47 08 Jan 09 #7
Sounds like a virus i had similar problem with k800i where phone continually restarted itself and thus couldnt master reset. Be careful when downloading free stuff because mobile phone viruses DO exist, and not just on smart phones, and they destroy your phone
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