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W595 reset/wsod problems

Posted: 00:35 11 Jun 09 #1

(I know this is under the wrong forum but i couldnt find one for the w595 so i do appologise)

Basically ive got a W595 which ive had round about 3 months i think. Recently within the last 3 weeks or so its started turning itself off and back on.

 What happens is the phone screen will go white and vibrate to start with. It stays like this for around 20 seconds at most before the phone screen goes black for around another 20 seconds. Then the phone screen will reappear on my normal screen saying its serching for a signal and then it'll be fine as though nothing has happend.

So far ive only noticed this happening every few days but i dont always have my phone on me and theres no way to tell if it has or hasnt done this odd wsod reset thing.

Its fully charged and altho i mostly keep it on 24/7 i do occassionally turn it off. Im also fairly sure its up to date. However ive got no way to connect my phone up to a computer at the moment to download anything from the SE website.

I know i could take it back and get it repaired but i dont want to have to do that if its just a general issue with the phone. Has anyone got any suggestions or know if its just a known issue with this model?

Any help would be brillient thank you.

Again sorry about posting this here.


Posted: 03:36 11 Jun 09 #2

Hi Zara

Ok, the first thing:  W595 forum

I cannot move your post, I would have to delete and you would need to recreate but that's a lot of faff.

The problem you are experiencing sounds like a software one.  Have you tried backing up the phone and performing a full master reset?  This can sometimes 'kick' the phone back into action.

Please ensure you back up the contacts first.  You'll lose everything.  Oh and it needs to be a master reset ALL.

Next, which network are you on

Another question, which country are you in

Finally, you might need to take it to a service centre who may actually be able to firmware update while you wait if the master reset doesn't work.

As a last resort, you could debrand the phone and put an entirely generic SE firmware on there.  That, is up to you of course.

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Posted: 21:22 11 Jun 09 #3
Thanks for the link to the right forum :)

I havent tried a master reset yet no. I didnt want to incase it would affect my warrenty at all.

Im on Vodafone and im in the uk.

Id rather not debrand it unless i really have to.
Posted: 01:18 12 Jun 09 #4

Master reset = no warranty effects whatsoever

Debranding = no warranty effects provided you play innocent and deny everything ;)

Seriously, I've debranded literally hundreds of handsets now.  It's cool, never affected warranty claims.  However in your case I would go with Master Reset first, failing that get Vodafone to swap or repair your phone.  They are very good - have always treated me with excellent service.

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.

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