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M900 connection settings

Posted: 08:23 13 Jun 09 #1
  • TheEngineer0815
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Hallo, I have got connection troubles with the device.

I enter the connection settings for "3 Austria" (cellular Line GPRs - and the APN).

After a SoftReset the Modem Settings are gone and i must enter them again. This is very disturbing.

If i can't find a solution I will send it back to you. 

Posted: 20:11 02 Aug 09 #2

Hallo, same in the US. Connection settings must be entered each time. More so, the initial setup dissapeared 2x - back to beg the ATT store to set it up, one must have a carrier. Is there a site, a blod etc. where all this would be explained with instructions? The user manual is is not useful in this regard. Also, where (????????) can one buy a headset adapter? The headset provided is useless to me....Please, answer if you know.

Finally, the memeory issues cen be worked around but what about the minimal internal storage space. What parts of the -sometimes very useful- software can go on the card memory and how? 

Posted: 20:56 02 Aug 09 #3


BTW in the US AT&T tech support WILL NOT help as "its not their phone line". Thus even the store help is a "favor".

Any specs anywhere, how to enter in fact the APN etc? I fear the need for hard reset, then what? Especially if I am not at home and on a weekend, who will help me?

I am really trying to like this phone for other issues, but the HTC does this by itself on the same SIM card.


Posted: 14:38 18 Aug 09 #4

Regarding the headset. This is not a standard 5-pin USB so none of those adapters will work (its also not an Enhanced USB but you can see that from its physical shape)

Its rumoured that an IPAQ 10pin USB adapter will work. There is only one seller of this (and I suspect it won't work) at the moment.  I've ordered one and I am waiting for delivery but as its coming from deepest parts of Asia its taking a couple of weeks. At the moment, the only proven way to use alternative headphones is via an A2DP headset however, this means you cannot listen to the radio. 

I've even spoken with Acer Spares (the support people here in the UK) and they are unable to source replacement headset.  This same company also manages warranty so if your headset were to break, they admit they wouldn't be able to replace them!

I also have a friend coming over and we are going to try to modify his M900 headphones and try and put a 3.5mm jack on this cable.  


This is also a very big issue for me and as soon as I have more news on either of these two approaches, I will update you.



edit: with regards to your settings loss each reboot, check out where there is a "lite" rom which has cured this issue.

Posted: 04:08 19 Aug 09 #5

Thank you! These are /remained the core problems for me!

2. the adapter is sorely missing!!!!!! Tried a Nokia , not good. Acer shoul notice the need!

3/ This is tough; I tried the lite ROM you reference got me over the my main and #1 issue, i.e. the lack of ROM for program installation.

However, there is NO change in the connectivity issue that is only mentione/discudseed here....the guys on the 4mobile site don't even mention it. And now I have installed all my programs and am frankly hesitant to retry. Do you think ( and then which part of that extratct) that it would really solve the connection reset issues?  I must reset due to SBOD ( which was gone for only 2 days after the Lite ROM) and reconfigure.

4/ The latest is that the phone call log freezes entirely...maybe a bug with SPB Phone software...however when originally installed the Lite ROM and the SPB softwares, it did not happen.  What could this be?

Thank you for helping! 

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