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Due/release date gone!

Posted: 17:17 25 Aug 10 #1
  • -Steve-
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And now the due/release date has gone completely!


2011 is it now?


Posted: 19:21 25 Aug 10 #2
The email reply i got from sales, indicates Huwaie is reconfiguring the unit with front facing camera for video chat and will have a new announce date in September
Posted: 20:24 25 Aug 10 #3
  • -Steve-
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  • Join Date: 15 September 2009

Thanks for the info.


Weird, it's already for sale in Austria supposedly...


Anyway, they better reconfigure it with a capacative screen too. With the Galaxy Tab around the corner, it'll be dead in the water other otherwise.


Posted: 12:42 27 Aug 10 #4
  • StarLog
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Well that would be nice to have a front facing camera, they might as well put in the 3G support for TMOUS at the same time.


I would hope these two tablets can be purchased without a carrier plan. I want to not be chained to a particular cell carrier.

Posted: 13:49 04 Sep 10 #5

In its current form, this product isn't worth shipping.

If it has come out in early July as it was supposed to, it might have stood a chance, but now it's a case of too little too late.

Just seen some videos of the Viewsonic Viewpad 7, and if the estimated price is accurate (£350), it kicks this device to death. Obviously the Galaxy Tab is also a contender, but early indications are that it may be priced at the wrong end of the spectrum for this sort of device. 

Posted: 11:16 25 Sep 10 #6

I noticed that on the Huawei website they  have renamed the table the "ideos" s7 to match their new cheap android cellphone called "ideos".

I don't think it is ever going to be released in its present form at this price point as other have pointed out.

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