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How do I update the network profile?

Posted: 04:26 25 Nov 10 #1

I received the phone, uninstalled the AT&T crapware, and have voice and 3G data on Fido.  The problem is that I have to enable data roaming to get 3G data.  I believe this is because the phone's network profile still thinks it is AT&T.  When I download the Samsung Network Profile app from the marketplace it won't let me run the phone telling me that "This application can't be launched with your mobile operator."


Any thoughts on how to setup the network profile to an alternative provider (i.e. Fido/Rogers)? 

Posted: 01:57 27 Nov 10 #2
  • Fritzly
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Call AT&T and request the unlock code; f they refuse return it.
Posted: 16:27 30 Nov 10 #3

It is starting to appear that the device cannot be configured to work on other networks.  MMS settings are not accessible and there may be other things that are buried in the network profile that could be affecting the device on your carrier of choice:!/Samsungservice/status/9640029705998337 

Posted: 23:34 30 Nov 10 #4
  • mgateno
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As far as I know the carrier pushes the WAP/MMS configuration from the network to the terminal once you successfully authenticate with it. The problem might lie in the fact that your carrier may not yet support WP7 in their platform and may have not created the required templates, or profiles to do this. If the phone could be manually provisioned this would not be a problem, but in this case you may have to wait until WP7 officially comes your way.

 If yo think about it, MMS is not that important. Why send MMS when you can send email or post directly to the web (FB, etc).

Can you send an SMS message? This would be a serious problem!

Posted: 12:57 01 Dec 10 #7

Samsung made a pretty clear statement yesterday about not supporting unlocked devices:!/Samsungservice/status/9722804865863680

There also seems to be a number of folks having similar issues with MMS:

Perhaps Expansys should post some warning to customers about their purchases based on these issues?

Posted: 13:50 01 Dec 10 #8
  • Fritzly
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Expansys should definetely do it! Not everybody is aware of the differences between "unlocked" and "Factory SIM free" devices.

I am glad I cancelled my order for the Focus. I will wait until they will become available in Europe where, in many Countries, is illegal to sell devices locked to a specific carrier only.

Posted: 02:42 03 Dec 10 #10
  • piredman
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I also just recieved my Samsung Focus today and had the same issue.  I was able to make calls / send sms message but I could not access data (search/internet/...).  I seem to have it working now though.

I am with Rogers in Canada gave them a call once I started having issues.  The support guy told me that usually with "unlocked" phones you need to setup the "APN" informaiton on the phone for your network.  There are three (3) pieces of information you need.

  • APN
  • User Name
  • Password

The Rogers representative that I talked to was able to give me this informaiton and your provider (fido) should be able to give this to you too.  Rogers had no idea to add these settings in the Focus but I was able to find it.

  1. Navigate to "Settings" (use the right facing arrow on the home screen and scroll to the bottom)
  2. In the "System" pivot list find and tap "cellular".
  3. Tap the buttom of this screen is a button named "edit apn".
  4. You will be prompted to enter the three (3) pieces of info mentioned above.

Once you save these settings (the check button in the applicaiton bar) you will be able to access your data via your network.

Hope this works for all of you.  If I run into future issues I will make a follow up post but so far it seems to be working fine.

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