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Posted: 12:01 17 Apr 04 #1
  • nadlad786
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i have a 6100 one problem with it when i put a sim in it it comes up with contact service on the screen,,i have been told it needs the software updating, which costs £25 is this true pls reply
Posted: 10:44 26 Apr 04 #2
  • Michael
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  • Michael
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If you have an old SIM card then it may be that you need the SIM updating. If you are still within your warranty then you can get the software on the phone upgraded for free, otherwise you will have to pay.
Michael - eXpansys
Posted: 11:10 08 Nov 13 #3



No,your Nokia 6100 mobile don't need any software updating.If your phone displays an error message saying "Contact Service" when you insert a Sim card then your phone is probably locked.

You can unlock it easily by using an unlock code.You can get this code with easy step by step unlocking instructions from and unlock it.

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