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Arabic language for Razr

Posted: 06:45 13 Nov 11 #1

Hello all,


I just got my new Razr from Expansys UK but it does not support Arabic language,could you please help me to install that?



Posted: 18:47 19 Nov 11 #2
Yes my friend , just search in android market , like arabic keyboard and arabic reading or sms arabic reading , i don't remember exactly but i am sure that you will face no problem of any kind about the arabic , and in case you wanted to surf the net you can use opera mobile because it support arabic sites , and by the way can you tell me how is the phone ? because i am planning to buy one ??
Posted: 05:05 14 Dec 11 #25
  • NateM
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I would recommend downloading Morelocale2 and Gokeyboard from Android market. Both are free, and for the most part work great. Morelocale2 translates the user interface, while GoKeyboard deals with different input methods.
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