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Installing Games

Posted: 13:44 04 Oct 04 #1
I have downloaded some great looking games, but can't seem to install them, as there is no jar. file when I unzip - just a large amount of different files.

Is there an easy way of installing the game? I have a DKU-2 cable, and am using pc suite.

Please help the uninitiated!
Posted: 14:28 04 Oct 04 #2
  • NiVZ
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OK. A lot of people have had this problem so here goes.

The explanation:

A java game is made up of two parts, a JAD and a JAR. The JAD file is just a plain ASCII text file that contains various descriptions. The JAR file is a compressed file that contains the compiled code, graphics, sprites and sounds which can be opened in WinZip.

Often the two parts, JAD and JAR are zipped into an archive, for example. Opening in WinZip would only show two files, game.jar and game.jad for examlpe. If this is the case the file can be unzipped and installed as explained below.

Sometimes however you can only download the JAR part which has either been renamed to or sometimes to just If you open the file in WinZip and find it contains a lot of files, eg .png, .class, .midi, etc then it is actually the JAR file, but wrongly named.

How to fix and create the .JAD:

If you open any file and can see lots of .png, .class, .midi, etc then rename this file to game.jar. (You can use any name GAME.JAR is just an examlpe) To be able to install this file you will need to create the .jad header file. My personal favourite for this is a program called JAD Wizard v1.1 which is freely downloadable from the net. When you run JAD Wizard a mobile phone image will appear on your desktop. Just drag and drop the .JAR file onto it and it will create the .JAD file in the same directory as your .JAR file.

How to install:

You can now install the game using Nokia Application Installer (Note it will be installed in the Applicatins folder) or you can drag the .JAD file to the Games directory using MobiMB 2.2 (it will be installed in the Games folder)

Happy Game installing

Posted: 13:53 06 Oct 04 #3
  • Donstar
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Very useful!!

A good free program to make JAD files can be found here
Posted: 15:41 06 Oct 04 #4
  • Michael
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  • Michael
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Donstar, I have made the link clickable.

Jar Maker.
Michael - eXpansys
Posted: 01:55 12 Oct 04 #5
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Right i'm really struggling to manage the re-naming of the files. Is it the unzipped folder that we have to change the name of, or each individual file in the folder? When I've renamed the unzipped folder and dragged it into 'JADMaker1.10' I get the following message:-

"Run-time error '53': File not found"

Is it possible I can e-mail the downloaded unzipped file to someone that knows what they are doing to check its possible with the game I've got???

Thanks, Tim.
Posted: 10:02 29 Oct 04 #6
  • pinokio
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  • pinokio
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Thanks, cool information!!
Is it normal that after I inastall the games, they have no sound??
Posted: 10:10 29 Oct 04 #7
  • Mik
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  • Mik
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Not as far as I know, they should have sound. You might need to activate it, on the game or in the phone settings.

Mick - eXpansys
Posted: 14:04 17 Nov 04 #8
  • dr_future
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  • dr_future
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I have tried using the jad wizard. the nokia application istalled didn't recognize the file after being converted. i ahve another problem here, the nokia connection manager doesn't detect my phone. it keeps asking about the serial port. Can anyone help me here?
Posted: 20:48 27 Nov 04 #9
  • MattLfc
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Hi I have managed to transfer a couple games across to my nokia 6230 (Jar files) but I have found some more games but they are (.Rar) files does anyone know if and how I transfer them to my phone?


Posted: 09:53 29 Nov 04 #10
  • NiVZ
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Hi Matt,

.Rar files are compressed files, sort of like a .zip file. You'll need to use a program like WinRar ( to extract the files before you can transfer them to the phone.

Posted: 23:45 29 Nov 04 #11
  • MattLfc
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Hi thanks for your help that works fine :-)
Posted: 23:06 14 Dec 04 #12
  • exuberant
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Hey, I have the same problem. I just spent 1 hour to download programs and try to install games which is a lot even for this kind of thing. I downloaded the Nokia Application Installer but it does not see the .jad file, only .jar. The MobiMB 2.2 says there is a problem with adding a new connection. The drive letter already exists. I have a question:

I'd really appreciate some here, thx!!!!
Posted: 01:06 13 Jan 05 #13
  • rikka
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I am having problems too..the nokia aplication installer keep saying that i havent got enough memory to install the game (53kb and i have 6.1MB besides the MMC)..any sugestion?
Posted: 20:04 15 Jan 05 #14
  • oomaz
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  • oomaz
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Hi i am trying to use MobiMB and every time i install it using the crack and serial's but after closeing and reopening the programe.. it comes up with the 21 day problem can any one help? i have 5.24 firmware on my nokia 6230 sorry about spelling.. have a large list of java games and poloy tones.. email me at
Posted: 00:22 19 Jan 05 #15
  • nexgod
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is there a need for JAD?

i install the JAR fine on my 6230

Am i missing something without the JAD?
Posted: 07:11 25 Jan 05 #16
  • qwerty009
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You don't miss anything wihtout jad.

Here's y problem: In phone memory there is ~1,6MB of space for games and programs. That space aint sufficient for me. Is there any way to increace the space or install stuff on MMC?
Posted: 18:56 11 Feb 05 #17
  • tammo
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  • tammo
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And to throw a spanner in the works, any clues how to do it on a Mac??
Posted: 23:36 12 Feb 05 #18
Hey i have downloaded a couple of games for my 6230 they hav both the jad and jar files but wen i try n use my bluetooth connection from my comp to my phone i dont no how to install them from there
Posted: 11:30 28 Mar 05 #19
  • AlainParis
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  • AlainParis
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I have a MAC too (Powerbook G4, 1.5 MHZ with integrated bluetooth adapter). Actually I can browse through my Nokia 6230 and upload/delete/download easily files (mp3, jpg, mid, jar) into the different folder of my Nokia except into the games directory. The problem I have is that when I upload the games in "rar" or "jar" format, Nokia considers them as "unknown file format". Maybe I should unzip them before uploading. I will try and let you know.
I didn't try to use Isync to sync contacts with my Nokia 6230 but with my previous bluetooth Siemens S55 phone it worked fine.
Posted: 16:43 16 May 05 #20
  • god070470
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Hello, I cannot seem to install any game in my phone. Whenever I try installing a game and test it, I get the same error in spanish: Formato archivo no admitido (it is a spanish phone), which translates roughly to : file format not admitted.

Please help. What can I do?

P.D. I transfer the files via Bluetooth.

Thank you very much.
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