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Probs with S700i and S65 / How to reset CK3100?

Posted: 10:40 23 Apr 05 #1
  • jheid
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need some help on the ck3100 and pairing with SE S700i and Siemens S65. I instaaled the unit and paired one phone, so its working fine, then i paired the ohther phone and was able to switch between them in the menu. After coming back to my car later, the parrot shows its startup-logo but no connect to either of the phones. So i tried to delete the phones (which was working) deleted the parrot in the phones list (which was working too) and tried to pair again, but now its impossible to pair the phones, the parrot seems not available, the phones didn't find it. I tried to disconnect the ck3100 for a while (12hours or so) but it still shows up with the same prob. Any suggestions or if not, did anyone know how to reset the CK3100 ?
tried to contact parrot directly through the website but no response and the forum there seems not working properly.
Posted: 12:39 29 Apr 05 #2
  • Ockie
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I have the exact same problem with my Nokia 6310. I am also waiting for reply from, in the meantime the damn thing isn't working. Does anyone have a solution for this??
Posted: 17:32 29 Apr 05 #3
Reset on CK3100 should work like this:

Press "Green", "Red" and "Knob" at same time and hold for a couple of seconds. Display should go blank (lighting remains on). Now Press all 3 Buttons again.
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