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DSL_G664T and DWL 810+

Posted: 23:11 15 Jun 05 #1
  • mesaka
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OK - lets make it clear from the start I am a complete newbie in these matters.

All I want to do is to link these two products so that I can link an ethernet device with the 810+ so I can then get a signal from the router.

I do not understand how to configure the two. I should say I have a complete wireless system - I don't have a computer with an ethernet port only one with a wireless card.

My problem is the G664T is by default on the 192.168.1.X ip range while the 810+ is on the 192.168.0.X range. Can anyone give me idiot proof step by step instructions so I can reset either one (preferably the 810+) to the same range as the 664T?


Posted: 19:41 17 Jun 05 #2
  • rperkin
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I've found it's simplest to set these things up with a laptop - just easier for connection and testing purposes. No matter - just start with a standalone PC and a standalone DWL-810+. Perform all the testing with no wireless security - re-enable it when everything is working.

1. Give the PC a static IP address in the same network range as the DWL-810+, say Do this via the Properties of the Ethernet device, double click 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)', select 'Use the following IP address', and enter:
IP address =
Subnet mask =

2. I suggest you reset the DWL-810+. Leave it powered, and press the recessed Reset button with a straightened paperclip or similar 'until the lights change' then release. Then connect the DWL-810+ to the PC

3. In Internet Explorer, enter the default IP address of the DWL-810+ ( in the address bar, and press Enter or click Go

4. Login using Username = admin. No password is required

5. On the Network tab, select Static IP Address, and enter:
IP Address =
Subnet Mask =

Click Apply, and let the device reboot

6. On the PC, change the static IP address you set before to Use Internet Explorer to login to the DWL-810+ again.

7. On the Wireless tab, set
Operating Mode = Infrastructure
SSID = the SSID of your network
Click the Site Survey button.

You should pick up the DSL-G604T. Select it and click Connect. Click Apply.

[Aside: I can't remember whether Site Survey picks up the SSID automatically or whether you need to enter it explicitly]

That's it. The PC should now be connected wirelessly to the router. Check by surfing to your home page. If it doesn't work, check in Internet Explorer | Tools | Internet Options | Connections that 'Never dial a connection' is selected or that nothing is shown in 'Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings'. Click the 'LAN Settings' button and check that nothing is selected.

A couple of other points:
- I suggest that you restrict the DHCP server range on the DSL-G604T to avoid potential IP address conflicts. On the Home | DHCP screen, set
Ending IP Address =
This will allow 32 dynamic IP addresses ( - 33). Addresses higher than this are, by definition, static.
- the DWL-810+ only supports WEP encryption. This is the best you are going to get on the network, and you need to set up the DSL-G604T accordingly

- the DWL-810+ will support multiple devices behind a switch. If you use MAC Access control (on the DSL-G604T, that's under Advanced | Wireless Management) you will need to add the MAC address of the DWL-810+ and every device connected to it. Having said that, this form of 'security' offers very limited protection, and personally I wouldn't bother...

Hope this helps - shout out if you need more info
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