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HP 2210 - Will not boot to OS

Posted: 07:21 28 Jun 05 #1
  • TiSwAs
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  • Join Date: 28 June 2005
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having problems with my HP2210.
The thing will not boot up....
I have tried -
Known working battery
Known working charger and left over night
Soft reset - Nothing happens
Hard Reset - (HOLD 2 outside buttons and press reset pin hole - release after 10 seconds, soft reset it and power up as normal) the START screen comes on for 1 second and disappears.
When connected to external power source the iPaq will not charge and is the same when connected to the cradle.
The iPaq hasn't had a ROM upgrade.

Any Advice?
Posted: 09:11 13 Sep 06 #2
  • ari49
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I've the same experience this very moment. Do you have found a solution?

Posted: 17:53 09 Nov 06 #3
  • PDASmart
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  • Join Date: 9 November 2006
  • Occupation: PDA Repair Center
There could be several issues - PDASmart does not charge any diagnostic fee and would be able to diagnose and repair the unit for much less than sending it to HP or replacing it altogether. You can contact PDASmart at or visit the website at
Posted: 04:40 04 Jul 07 #4
  • JMacky
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I'm having the same problem.  Did you get a solution, or at least a diagnosis?  The only problem I knew about prior to it dying was the backup battery wasn't holding much of a charge.  -JM
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