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Insert sim ( error message?)

Posted: 14:01 07 Oct 05 #1
  • Manxmann
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  • Join Date: 7 October 2005
  • Occupation: engineer
My 3230 has worked fine for 5 months but suddenly started to display INSERT SIM after around 2 hours following switching on. If I re-insert the sim card ( which incidentally I now have a brand new one) the phone powers up only to display INSERT SIM or SIM REJECTED.. If it is left for 24 hours I can power up and it will be fine for about 2 to 3 hours before the dreaded message appears again. Has anyone had similar problems and discovered how to overcome them? Another clue is that a split second before INSERT SIM appears there is a message mentioning SYSTEM, but it does not display long enough to be clear. I bought this phone in the Philippines so I can't just pop back to the supplier. A good enough reason to always shop local maybe. Hope someone can offer some helpful advice. Thanks in advance. KF
Posted: 15:13 20 Oct 05 #2
  • cheese4444
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  • Occupation: student
I have a similar problem that used to happen tomy phone. Its annoying. The only thing i can suggest is go to and go to your region, then go to support and find your nearest nokia service point. It should still be un warrenty, so you give it to them and they'llsend it back to nokia. They should theorically give you a new phone instead of repairing it, it costs toomuch to do that. Try that, and it shouldn't cost you anything. I think theycharge you £10 if its damage by water or fire.
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