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D-Link DWL-900AP+ HTML setup wizard, no connection

Posted: 00:27 20 Oct 05 #1
  • Andy730
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  • Join Date: 20 October 2005
  • Occupation: CCGT engineer
Hi... I've two DWL-900AP+ access point that i want to set up as a bridge, but when trying to access the menu via the set up wozard, i.e., i can't connect to the AP. No matter what i try, i can't get further that the first step!! both units are the same, so i'm stuck.. What the hell am i doing wrong!?!?! Both unit display power, LAN and WLAN leds, but i've pulled all my hair out, and i'm going nuts.... How do i access the set up wizard!?!?!
Many thanks for any advice!

Posted: 10:40 20 Oct 05 #2
  • Andy730
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  • Join Date: 20 October 2005
  • Occupation: CCGT engineer
OK, i'm the TIT ! I've found what was wrong... My Router IP routing address for 'routing usage' was set to, and with the D-link set to, the two would never talk. With a change to the router usage IP address to, everything works... Yehaa and one happy camper here.
Posted: 23:23 13 Nov 05 #3
  • andris
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Disable popup blocking software while using web management.

Change IP address, that for each of AP it is different to avoid IP address conflict.

After you press Apply button, access point is restarting. If restart process takes more time than browser waits, you must try to connect once again editing address to "" (or to IP address you changed).

Don't forget to upgrade both access points to latest firmware.

Hope this will help!
Posted: 13:42 03 Feb 07 #4
Hi, after spending most of last night trying to get my second-hand DWL-900AP+ to work, I have finally solved it. Having read nearly every post on here, I thought it only fair to share what I learned.

The most important lesson is, call D-Link Support (from UK 08456 120 003 Mon-Fri 08:00 to 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 to 19:00 They are very helpful and patient).

Second, you have to change your PC''s TCP/IP settings to before trying to connect to the DWL, which is If you don''t do this, Internet Explorer will not find the DWL. But change the PC back to auto afterwards.

Third, the RESET button must be pressed down whilst the DWL is OFF, and held down for 5 seconds or more after power-on, in order to get it to go to the UPGRADE FIRMWARE page.

Lastly, Firmware version 3:09 worked for me, 3:10 and 3.07 did not, the installation would not complete, and no error messages ever appeared. It just hangs.

So, my Unit is a DWL-900AP+ C2, and was originally fitted with Firmware 3:06. It was bought via EBAY and arrived with a booklet, but that is no use until you have got it to produce a login screen. When first plugged in, there was no response from typing in Internet Explorer (IE). There was also confusion about whether to use a straight or cross-over cable, and whether the cables I was using were any good.

I used DOS mode to ping and it would either time out of report host unavailable. (Access DOS mode by Start, RUN, type CMD, on the black screen type PING {enter} and then wait. It should reply 3 times with a delay-time of about 1millisecond each time). If it does not, RESET it, and change the cables around. Note that once the firmware was installed and the unit was working, pinging it would always time out, even though it was working (a lap-top using internet) at the time. I suggest that you try to find ways to test each cable - like use the cable on another gadget. Once you get the DWL to react, you can go to upgrading firmware. Eventually I found a combination of cable and RESET which did get it to ping, then went to upgrade the firmware. I have a 4 port Router connected to an ADSL phone-line, and to a 12 port hub. The 4 PC’s and DWL are also connected to the hub, all using straight cables. There is one PC connected directly to the Router.

To upgrade the firmware, first visit and search for product DWL-900AP+ then download the firmware. Save it to your PC, and unzip the files, then move the unzipped file to the desktop or an easy to find folder. Version 3.09 worked for me, but I tried 3.07 and 3.10 and they did not. 3.10 is not on the Dlink webpage but there are links to it from this site. When trying to SEND these, the little green bars would get to 50% and then hang, for hours. Using 3.09 it did eventually get to 10 little green bars, but it took ages and I nearly gave up after it paused on five bars for 10 minutes.

So, use IE to go to and browse to find the firmware file, then click send. Wait for ages, as I did. After ten bars had been displayed for 10 minutes, I eventually closed IE, and switched the DWL off, then ON. When I typed, IE said it could not find the site.

Here''s where the helpline came it, they told me how to change the TCP/IP address. Click (or double-click) on Start, Control Panel, (classic view), Network connections, Local area connection icon, properties, TCP/IP, then “Use the following IP address”. Make IP address = subnet mask = Default Gateway = and OK it. Close each of the above windows.

Now use IE to go to and you''re in. Login is ADMIN, leave password blank, click OK, run setup wizard, (don''t change anything, just go through it) Click Restart (the DWL). Sorted.
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