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What does "Reply Path" do?

Posted: 11:25 22 Dec 05 #1
What does "Reply Path" do in Message | Settings | Text message | Send Settings?

I know that "Reply Path lets the recipient of your message to send you a reply message through your message center if provided by your network." However, what does this mean?

Is it something just on Samsung mobiles?

Posted: 12:40 22 Dec 05 #2
Reply Path means that the person to whom you've sent the message, can reply and the cost of the SMS will be on your telephone bill, so free for the recipient of your SMS.

Greetz :)
Posted: 19:41 22 Dec 05 #3
Responce from Vodafone technical support.

Reply path refers to the message centre number that is used when a recipient replies to a text message that they have received from you. If reply path is ticked, the recipient will only be able to send their reply back to you using the same message centre number that it was received through. If this message centre is too busy at any time, you may have trouble receiving the text message.

If reply path is not ticked, it means that any replies to messages can be sent through any message centre.
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