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Removing write protection

Posted: 04:10 02 Mar 06 #1
  • yarbro53
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  • Join Date: 2 March 2006
  • Occupation: teacher
I recently tried to save on my flash drive and it won't save anything on any computer. It says "Can not save or create file. Make sure disk is not full, write protected or damaged." Ok, well, its not full. According to my computer it is working properly so it must be write protected. How do I change this? I have searched all over the internet for an answer. No one seems to have a simple solution. Please help me. Thanks
Posted: 15:01 31 May 06 #2
  • dsm1nc
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  • Join Date: 31 May 2006
  • Occupation: tech support
I have the same problem, did you ever find an answer? I have been searching!!!!!!
Posted: 22:39 11 Jun 06 #3
  • frankco
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  • Join Date: 11 June 2006
  • Occupation: mismo
tiene un virus mi usb como lo soluciono
Posted: 19:47 31 Jul 06 #4
  • bok_loy
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  • Join Date: 31 July 2006
RE:'Removing write protection'

Digital storage devices that has a capacity of 2GB and below are usually formatted in "FAT". The file system "FAT" has a limitation of how many files can be stored on its memory BUT it can be negated! The solution to that is to delete one file from the flash drive and then try to create a new folder and save the remainder of files that you would like to save on the flash drive on that folder. You can create as many folders on the flash drive and it is good to organize your files. If this does not help then please post a message so that I can help. Please give the exact error message... Thanks.. c",)
Posted: 00:20 12 Aug 06 #5
  • jdowner
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  • Join Date: 12 August 2006
  • Occupation: guitarist
i'm having the "remove write protection problem" too. it's new so there are currently no files on it, just empty folders. i tried to delete a folder (named Sounds) and an error msg comes up. it reads:

"Cannot remover folder Sounds: The disk is write-protected.
Remove the write-protection or use another disk"

Same when trying to create a folder or save a file.

how do i remove the write-protection? help!

Posted: 09:09 04 Jan 07 #6
  • tsjaseen
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  • Join Date: 4 January 2007
I''m also getting the same problem with my TwinMos 1GB pendrive.
The error message
"Remove the write-protection or use another disk"
There is a switch in my pendrive but it still gives me the error message
when it is not write-protect.
Theres a strange thing i''ve observed is that this problem occurs only in my PC....if i try
with some other PC it works fine.
OS: Windows XP

Please help me..
Posted: 19:55 02 Feb 07 #7
  • agbanobi
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  • Join Date: 2 February 2007
  • Occupation: student
I tried to save a document to my flash drive, and it won''t save, it says "the disc is write protected, while my computer shows that the disc is working properly. how do i remove the write protection? I am frustrated cos i have a lot of work to do. Please help
Posted: 19:45 15 Mar 07 #8
I was having the same problem and i have found that this is usually happening because of the file names.
Because almost all type of portable memory use a "fat" system, the files with to much characters can''t be used, and you will have this error.
Because all music players use tag information to display music file information, first GENERATE TAGS and after that rename the files using a maximum number of 12-15 characters.
This problem with "remove write protection" should disappear.
I was generate the tags for all music files and after that i was rename the files using enumeration (001, 002, 003, etc) - of course i was doing this with a software like Flash Renamer, because it was a mass rename of about 1000 files, and this job hase been done in just a few minutes, because of automatic rename :D.
Everything it should work just fine :).
p.s. renaming is a solution who can be used in many problem like this one.
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