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Posted: 12:01 25 Mar 06 #1
hi all,
i had EXACTLY this problem just afew days ago..white screen..fuzzy turning off all by itself..although by guesswork i could tell phone was still capable of making was working etc,etc but with just the white screen on display it could not actually be used...after several hours and lots of turning on and off...removing battery points etc...still no good...still white i thought i would try as a final effort a brand new i left old battery out of phone overnight...inserted new battery following day..and lo and behold all is back working fine at the moment( do not want to tempt fate)..i did notice one thing though..original battery did not seem to fit as well as the new battery i bought...older batter seemed to slip around a little ..where as the new battery is a really tight snug fit..i have no idea if this will work for everyone but as for me it is working for me ( at the moment anyway)good luck if you try it..and would be nice to get some feedback if it does work..cheers!!
Posted: 12:42 26 Mar 06 #2
  • Zebedee
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Hi all, I have made this thread sticky as it may be useful.

However, if everyone with this issue can add a post to say whether or not this works, I can then make a better judgement regarding keeping this sticky.

Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

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Posted: 14:36 16 Apr 06 #3
  • cyrilius
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Hi all,
I have this white screen problem on my V3 too. To make things clear my phone is the v3 black only available in Europe (seems to be a special offer) but I don't think there are many differences with the silver one. Anyway, my concern is that I bought this phone yesterday! So as it's brand new I would bet the battery is not involved in all this... in my case at least. To make sure, I cheched the battery size which fits perfectly.
I don't know for you worcesterman, but in my case, the phone works perfectly untill the white screen appears. I mean I can use it for a undetermined time until something gets wrong. It always happens after I close the lid and then open it back. In other work, when I don't actually use it. I agree to say the phone seems to work when white screen is 'on' as I can turn it off normally
Until now I didn't experience any unexpected turn off, but I have it for less than one day :o(
Posted: 18:49 19 Apr 06 #4
  • taching
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my v3 black fell and automatically turned off itself. when i put it back on, i happend to receive a call and bam,the screen went white (blank).I had to turn it back on and it worked for a day. after that it turns off itself and when i open it to receive my calls, all i see is a white screen, it's off again. can anyone help me solve this problem? i haven't checked the battery yet because my phone is only 3 weeks old! lucky you worcesterman, but when i open my phone the white screen comes on, i have to turn the phone on/off to make and receive calls.
Posted: 10:43 07 Jul 06 #5
  • schmidt
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V3 > AKA : Crap phone

I recently got a v3, worked for 1 day. After that I tried switching it on but only the keypad lights up!!! I took out the battery but nothing happened! I've charged it but still the same problem. Tried a new battery but guess what?? My crap phone still doesn’t respond. I also see allot of the same posts but no new answers.

If anyone knows how to fix this without a hammer, Please let me know.

Posted: 12:47 07 Jul 06 #6
Take it back and have it replaced as it's not a year old. I think the point of this sticky was for people who have had their phone longer than a year. Don't put up with it!

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Posted: 05:49 10 Jul 06 #7
Gentleman, I too got a motorolaV3(bought on 30 th May2006), which had the same problems of white screen switching on and off itself. I wouldn't be knowing when it will switch on or off. After giving it for three times for service they replaced the handset.(of course only the handset not the battery). Alas ! now the new one is no better. The same problem is continuing. As a matter of fact I m seriously considering it take it consumer court. All the very best to people who buy Motorola V3 razr
Posted: 09:53 26 Aug 06 #8
  • dalesbred
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Hi there,

I have been looking through the forum and can't find anything that exatly fits whats happening to my SE K750i.
I have a pay as you go O2 sim card and the phone is unlocked. I can't find out what version of software is on this phone due to the problem I am facing:

The other day I was exploring the features on my phone and put a note to ring a mate on the screen (where my background picture would go). The phone then turned off, momentarily with a white screen, (well went blank and unresponsive) and then after a few seconds turned on again (again momentarily with a white screen. The sequence of turning on is not like when you take the battery out and put it back in and turn it on, ie there is no logo just straight onto the'normal screen'). It is now repeating this cycle within 10 seconds of coming back on.

With in these 10sec's i have managed to remove the note that i placed on the screen, but can't get to the master reset in time or find out what version of software is on the phone.

I can't take it back to a shop for a replacement, but if there is somewhere I could take it where they would be able to repair it or send it away to be repaired, that would be worth knowing unless you think that there is anything that I could do myself.

If you have any ideas it would be much appreciated.

Sorry, have just realised that this is in the wrong forum, will change its place
Posted: 18:41 23 Oct 06 #9
  • mrv3phone
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hi can anyone help me? i plugged my phone into the computer via provided cable, transferred some photos then unplugged it and now it has frozen. The small screen on cover when closed has frozen and the time display frozen and when i open the phone it has a white screen and i cant press any buttons or turn it off! please help! thanx, xxx
Posted: 03:18 17 Jan 07 #10
  • nestevez
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Hi i''m from Venezuela so i beg excuses if my englhis languaje doesn''t understand well, so, i have the razer v3i (gold) and i''ve been issues with the screen, it turns white for a few seconds then teh display come back again, or it seem suspended too like the olfd computers, and a few days ago it turns withe except just a border so, i just bought it a 2 months ago and i dont know if its commun or what? i ty to brg it to tecnical service on my country but a worker form here told me not to cause maybe they will give back to me in worst conditions ,, so i dont know what to do... please if anybody speak spanish lenguaje or maybe english i could understand a little please wrote me to for solve that doubt thanks!
Posted: 02:46 21 Jan 07 #11
  • selene
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Have you tried the suggested solution at the top of this thread?


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Posted: 08:52 28 Feb 07 #12
  • aumohm
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Yea what is the deal with these crappy motorola v3s? I bought one a week ago and it has the white screen, kepad lights die, then it resets itself back to the main menu, when im making/receiving a call or using the web, everything else works fine, except the major component of the phone, TALKING ON IT!!!!! can''t be the battery mine was brand new, a rep at motorola told me to take it to a tech and get the software updated on it, or get the usb/myphonetools/bluetooth component and dl them from motorola, is that how they get more $ out of us by making a dud phone we have to upgrade? seriously anyone thinking of buying a motorola v3, steer clear, theyre a heap of crap.
Posted: 10:55 28 Feb 07 #13
  • anitalg
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In all fairness the v3 is approx 3 years old now. This doesnt of course mean that they shouldnt work - but its not fair to expect 2007 technology in a 2004 phone. The thing where it re boots itself is actually better than it locking and freezing up where you have to take the battery out - but its a software related glitch so if you only bought it a week ago I would take it back and have it fixed under the warrenty or replaced as you havnt had it long.
Posted: 11:43 02 Mar 07 #14
  • aumohm
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In all fairness if motorola and their respective sales outlets are still selling 3yo phones wouldnt it make sense to upgrade the software/firmware in them b4 they sell them to the average person, or at least have a warning or advisory notice telling ppl that their 3yo phone probably wont work unless they shell out extra $ to buy data cables and bluetooth adapters etc to download the updates? A bit of common sense wouldn''t go astray but alas humans aren''t really as smart as we claim to be.
Posted: 12:15 02 Mar 07 #15
  • selene
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  • selene
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if I were you, I''d take it back and either demand a replacement, refund or a completely different handset

Posted: 15:19 30 May 07 #16
  • metallicyoyo
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I would like to share my experience with the white screen, on and off flickering, then complete black screen, only with the pad lights turning on, which will pretty much second what the original poster said. My phone went haywire and I tried turning it off and on and all that jazz, but ended up just going to a shop to check out another battery to see if that would do the trick. Donc...voilà, my phone started working like new! In my case, it just happened to be a case of old battery, given it is 2-3 years old, so if you are experiencing this problem, it wouldn''t hurt to try and replace the battery. It''s pretty darn cheap through Ebay too! Best of luck with y/our "crappy" phones!
Posted: 01:37 26 Nov 07 #17
My phone dosent work at all now its had all these symtoms its only a few months old and the shop wont let me return it! they say i have to pay them $50 to get it checked for things that might have been me wrecking the phone and if they "find something" i lose my phone and the fifty dollers!
Posted: 19:37 12 Dec 07 #18
  • martann3
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I recently had a problem with my phone. My screen all of sudden went white (blank). I could still receive calls, but I couldn't answer the phone, and my key pad stopped working. I logged onto a few forums trying to figure out what I could do to save my phone. My phone is no longer insured, and I didn't want to have to drop more cash for a new phone. I tried what worcesterman47 suggested, and it worked for me as well. I removed my battery, and I replaced it with a new battery. My phone is once again working. Thanks!



Posted: 22:41 29 May 08 #19
  • msk319
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Mine did this.  I tried everything.  My friend fixed mine by turning the camera function on for a minute, then off.  Works perfectly now.  Hope this helps someone!
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