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Mio A701

Posted: 16:02 21 Jun 06 #1
  • HarmLess
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  • Join Date: 21 June 2006
Is the Spectec SDIO Mini Wi-Fi Card (sdw822) compatible with the Mio A701 smartphone?
Posted: 09:47 20 Jul 06 #2
  • fivad
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  • Join Date: 20 July 2006
I' ve just bought it and it works.

But there are a few things to have in mind:
1. You need an adapter to use it in A701, mini SDIO to SDIO. If you have difficulty finding an adapter you can buy one of the SD memory cards (mine is Sandisc) which comes as a mini SDIO card with an SDIO adapter.
2. The program shipped with the unit was installed in the unit without a problem but I couldn't find it anywhere, not there was a WLAN shortcut in the Programs(according to the instructions there should be). However the OS detected the card and I could also provide a WEP key, so ok it works for me.
3. Although I think that this is one of the smallest wifi cards available, it's still extending about 3mm out of the slot holding the plastic rubber wide open and this is not convient at all, especially if you use the carrying case.
4. The Greek GPS software which came with the unit was stored in the SD card. Although I could install the software at the unit, the map was too large to fit. So removing the SD card made the GPS unusable. So if you want GPS and wifi you need to swap cards and never have them both.

That's my experience with Spectec SDIO Mini Wi-Fi Card

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