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Problem with Windows XP

Posted: 10:31 02 Aug 06 #1
I bought N°2 i-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, I have tried to install on HP nc6000 (Windows XP Pro SP2) and on a Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile (Windows XP SP2 for Tablet PC).The Problem is when it asked me for password to pair with VKB.
My PC has no problem discovering the VKB
- I enter a PIN code when prompted
- Then my VKB beeps
- I re-enter the PIN on the VKB and press enter
- When I do that, I get the following message: "Pairing failed - Error in pairing with the device”

I have drivers vr. 5.7 for the VKB;
I have tried to break the pair on VBK, I press Shift+Fn+B;
I have tried an Hard Reset;
I have tried to install it on Qtek 9090 and it work with SPP;
I’ve looked into the forums but can't find an answer...Can you help me?


Posted: 01:37 06 Aug 06 #2
Exact same problem here. WinXP SP2 vkb drivers 5.7

"Pairing Failed - Error in pairing with the device"

Any ideas. This doesn't seem to be a new or unique problem.
Posted: 03:23 01 Sep 06 #3
  • technopian
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Similar problem here too, and reading through some other sites seems many are in the same boat. I have an older keyboard version (5.0f) but the symptoms/steps the same as those above apart from i seem not to ba able to enter anything into the vkb keyboard so pairing times out.

2 days tech team for a resolution please, or it will be coming back.

Posted: 21:44 01 Oct 06 #4
  • carll2400
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Same problem her on Sony UX. Looks to me to be a problem with the keyboard and the detection of supported bluetooth services.
Posted: 20:04 25 Oct 06 #5
  • MartinZA
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I am also battling to connect using the built-in Bluetooth of my HP laptop. I found this link which may be of assistance. Let me know if anybody had success.
In short they mention that the passkey is 0000 and also explain how to break the current pairing.
Posted: 22:40 25 Nov 06 #6
  • David Bk
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Hi everyone i m writting to you using my virtual keyboard.

i passed nearly 24h to get how to fix the problem with my laptop.
First take your manual vkb and put it in bin.

Ok ive found the solution to the Rx Itech problem, im not sure if it will help with other pc

1. put the virtual keyboard into discover mode by pressing shift+fn+B and hold until it beeps

2. Start bluetooth on the pc

3. Select "explore a bluetooth device" on the bluetooth manager

4. it should find the keyboard but will just sit there trying to get a service and wont - and this is the trick.... as soon as the pc says its searching for services hit 0000 on the virtual keyboard and press enter/return

3. the pc will then pop up asking for a passcode just as it does with any "normal" device enter 0000 and it will pair and find an spp (serial port) device.

Ok thats as far as I have got so far but im sure it will work now!
Posted: 22:51 27 Nov 06 #7
  • Fumetsu
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I managed to pair my bluetooth vkb very easily on my mac but it has been hell trying to make it pair with windows xp.
I''ve seen many posts saying to type in the passkey on windows when the popup window shows up, but it never shows up for me.
I use the bluetooth setup but there is no place to input the damn passkey and the pairing process always fail.
In the About window of my bluetooth settings i says: Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba version 4.00.33a(SO). Is it the same one you guys are running?
BTW I'm using a vaio ux180p.
Please let me know of any news about making this device pair with damn windows.
Please suggest any improvements or report problems / abuse to