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insatalling usb cable dcu-11

Posted: 07:53 04 Jan 04 #1
  • samkintoe
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1. im having difficulty in installing my usb cable dcu-11. iv alreadfy connected it to my computer & cellphone but id massage still " no Z600 detected".
2. how will i know if its working already?
3. don't either know how to get started using my image editor in my cellphone.

please help. thank you very much.
Posted: 18:19 06 Mar 04 #2
  • A.J.
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  • Join Date: 6 March 2004
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im having the same problem... ;(
Posted: 17:49 31 Mar 04 #3
  • Reynold
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PLEASE HELP!!!....OR ELSE THEY WILL KILL having the same problem, with installing the same cable. Systems just not installing drivers, as a result,i am not able to establish connection.please send step by step as to how to install driver properly
Posted: 19:51 17 May 04 #4
  • kiteman
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  • kiteman
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OK - it's not rocket science - well - not quite!

Ensure that you have the genuine Ericsson DCU 10/11 USB cable and the CD-Rom. If no CD-Rom, download and unzip the USB Cable drivers from

If using Windows XP or 2K, you must be logged on as Admin - not as user.
Close all non-essential background apps on the PC.

1. If you have the DCU 10/11 CD, bung it into the drive. If the CD auto-runs, press Esc.

2. Attach the cable to the PC and the Found New Hardware Wizard begins.

3. Select Install the software automatically (Recommended) and click on Next.

4. The usual windows logo warning appears, click on Continue Anyway.

6. Click on Finish then on Restart.

what you do next depends on what you want to use the connection for - sync or modem?
Posted: 19:58 19 May 04 #5
Now suppose you have bought a DCU-11 cable, but installing the cable does
not quit work the way you described it. Now what?????
It all depends on the correct driver I guess. Which apparently I don't have
since I can't get the F... cable installed. Even the driver I download from
the ES site (suscom.inf) does not work. Any suggestions, before I buy a USB
IRda adapter.
Posted: 07:41 11 Dec 04 #6
  • kalyan007
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  • Join Date: 11 December 2004
  • Occupation: software engg
I guess if you bought the cable you would have the Installation CD as well. This is needed because you dont have the "ser2pl" files on the SE website. They just have USB drivers and Modem scripts. Since this cable uses USB to Serial conversion you need both serial drivers as well as USB drivers.

Once you have all these handy - CD, Cable, USB Drivers, Modem scripts and most importantly the Ser2pl setup info file, pl2303 security catalog file and the Ser2pl system file all these three files are on CD for your info. If you need them just send me an email to and I will be glad to send it to you.

Instructions on how to go forward after you have all the above:

1. You plug the cable to the USB port, this will bring up the New Hardware installation window up,
2. Click next and select CD location to install the drivers from the CD driver (you dont have to connect your phone during this installation but just the cable must be connected),
3. Once the ser2pl is installed it will ask for USB drivers, follow the instructions and click continue even if you get any warning messages,
4. Afte the above three steps go successfully then please verify the COM port number under Device Manager and under Ports for this DCU-11 cable (You can go to Device manger by right clicking on My Computer and then selecting properties and then select the Hardware TAB and click on Device manger in XP or Win2k),
5. Once you have noted the COM port number, open the Control Panel from Start programs and click on Modem and phone options Icon and you have to go to add new modem. For this you need to Click on Add button on Tab Modem and the Add New Hardware window appears. Make sure to Check mark the Dont Detect automatically at the bottom of the window and click next, and select Standard Modem type and Standard Modem 33600 bps modem from the list and click on Have Disk and select the modem scripts that you have downloaded and click NEXT and also select the COM port that you have noted down from the STEP 4 and clcik on finish.
6. After the modem is successfully installed, Make sure you install the Sony Ericsson file manager downloaded from the website or from CD, also the Phone monitor software from the SE website or the CD.
7. Once the installation is complete you can unplug the cable and restart the computer.
NOTE: Always remove the cable from PC when rebooting because windows will try to install modem again and will fail. If you just make sure that you dont keep the cable connected you will be just fine.
8. Once rebooted connect the cable to the same USB port and then go to Control panel and select the Phone Monitor Icon and open it. After opening please select the COM Ports Tab and enable the COM port from the above STEP 4.
9. You are now close to access the Phone from PC and viceversa. Click open the Phone My Phone Icon on the desktop and click on the Icon Not Connected and it will open the file manger with all the folder from the Phone. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you dont understand my English as I my English is quite weak.
Posted: 02:43 03 Jan 05 #7
  • Daredm
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i have done everything from step 1-8, but then when u said "Click open the Phone My Phone Icon on the desktop and click on the Icon Not Connected and it will open the file manger with all the folder from the Phone", i can't click on the "not connected" icon, it won't let me, wut do i do now?
Posted: 17:57 15 Aug 05 #8
  • akaank
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i have a k700i and i want to download my photos to my PC.i've installed the dcu-11 cable and it seems properly functioning, i can synchronise my phone with my pc and i can use image editor, MMS home studio and any other softwares except "file manager" so i can't transfer mp3 or photos can you help me
Posted: 04:11 23 Sep 05 #9
  • YanSteffie
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  • Join Date: 23 September 2005
  • Occupation: O.L.
hello every1....
I lost my dcu-11 driver CD few weeks ago....& tried to download the driver from internet....but it won't work @ keep saying can't find the driver....

can any1 give a hand....i'll be realli appreciate your help....

p.s. i don't go on here very if any1 is willing t afford a hand....pls visit my MSN space & leave ya words there....many tks~
Posted: 01:27 23 Mar 06 #10
The only driver that worked with me was usb2vcom.inf and usb2vcom.sys.

download at
Posted: 19:30 09 May 06 #11
  • bobnight79
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Smuelmgurgel, onde encontrou esse driver?
Posted: 18:38 13 Jul 06 #12
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  • Join Date: 13 July 2006
  • Occupation: Student
Could you help me?!
Where did you find this driver you're talking about?!
I need it!
Because otherwise I can't install a program to conect my cel phone.
Could please help me?!
Posted: 12:07 27 Jul 06 #13
I'm having major difficulties trying to connect my s700i to my PC. I didn't buy the official cable but just one off ebay and all that came with it was the SE PC suite which I got with my phone. So could somebody be able to tell me the location where I can download the driver for my s700i?
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