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W850i Not charging

Posted: 22:04 11 Jan 07 #1
  • captain drift
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I have had my phone for a while october 16th, never updated any software.
When making a call or have the phone open the screen backlight pulses darker and lighter?
The phone now has stopped taking a charge from either USB lead ( the HC-60 one or the one that came with the phone), both in car charger an SE one and generic one and both home chargers.
basically i have tried all method from this phone or the W800i my previous phone. I have contacted my service provider O2 and they say they will send it to SE.
My local shop dont seem to know what to do which doesnt fill me wiith confinence so where is the nearest sony ericsson service center to Gatwick?

Posted: 10:32 12 Jan 07 #2
Normally carphone warehouse, but I would get it serviced by Kuehne & Nagel as they are authorised SE repairers.

The ''pulsing'' you experience - put the phone on speakerphone and make sure the top of the phone is pointed at a light source. You''ll find the screen no longer pulses. It''s the lightsensor (small opaque window at the top of the phone) that''s causing the effect you describe.

You could try cleaning the FASTPORT connector with a blue ink eraser (2 ended pencil eraser, the blue bit is fairly solid though) and see if that helps
Posted: 11:40 14 Jan 07 #3
  • captain drift
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  • Join Date: 6 December 2006
  • Occupation: Tech Support
okay will try that.

didn`t knowq about the light source thing
Posted: 10:44 05 Feb 07 #4
  • PantsMan
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  • PantsMan
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I having something while not entirely similar, not is it entirely dissimilar.

My W850i will only charge through the USB cable when I put the phone into transfer mode since my PC at work got nuked (was getting really slow, so I formatted and reinstalled WinXP fresh...). Charges on AC wall warts same as always... I''ve not bothered installing PC Studio as yet, could that be involved somehow?
Posted: 13:33 05 Feb 07 #5
That''ll be down to drivers not being installed correctly. In phone mode with USB connected, it will actually slowly drain the phone if the drivers are not installed correctly.



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