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My Sansa won't let me delete my old songs on my mp3 player

Posted: 04:33 08 Jul 07 #1
umm i need major help with this my mp3 player won't show me my old song files so now i can't add my new songs becaouse the file is full..pretty much its not lettin me delete any of my songs cuz the song files dont show HELPPPPPP
Posted: 18:10 09 Jul 07 #2
  • Kinewa
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I used to have this same problem. On your Sansa, go to the main menu and access settings. Then go into USB Mode settings and change the mode that it is on. Once you've done that, you should be able to see your song files from your computer.



Transferring Music & Software

SanDisk gave us the best of both worlds by including MTP and UMS transfer protocols, which are switchable in the user settings. MTP gives you the option to automatically sync your media with Windows Media Player 10 and other DRM services. UMS (SanDisk calls it MSC, or Mass Storage Controller) allows you to drag and drop your music onto the player, keeping the folders organized how you want. UMS also means that the Sansa e200 is compatible with virtually all operating systems. When the device is disconnected after using a UMS connections the player automatically updates and sorts the newly transferred songs to the database. The e200 uses ID3 tags for it’s indexing of songs and does not support file tree browsing.

The player will allow the use of both methods simultaneously, so all of your music will show up on the player no matter how you put it on. However, when the device is plugged in as an MTP device you will not be able to see the tracks you loaded via UMS and vice versa. "

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