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Can't update W880i with SEUS

Posted: 23:13 08 Aug 07 #1
  • Fangrim
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Hullos all!

 I can't seem to update my phone's firmware, neither through the phone's update option, or the Sony Ericsson Update Service.

 When I try doing it on the phone, I get a "verification error".

 When I do it on the SEUS, here's what happens:

 Battery is at 100%. USB Flash drivers are installed and working.

 If I turn my phone off, and insert the USB cable without holding "2", the phone instantly turns on, and enters File Transfer mode immediately. Windows XP recognises it as a USB drive.

If I turn my phone off, and insert the USB cable, holding "2", the phone doesn't do anything for about 30 seconds, after which it boots up in File Transfer mode. Windows XP initially recognises the phone as a USB Flash Drive, then after 30 seconds (when the phone boots), the Flash Drive is gone, and replaced by USB drive.

 The Update Service doesn't do a thing during all this - all that happens is an animation playing, showing me the steps I need to perform.


Anyone got a hint about what to do about this?




Posted: 01:23 09 Aug 07 #2
  • MaggieQ
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  • MaggieQ
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You're supposed to hold down the "2" AND the "5"  ;o)
Posted: 01:52 09 Aug 07 #3
  • Fangrim
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  • Join Date: 8 August 2007

Humm - that's not what Update Service tells me.

 Anyways, just tried it, and it doesn't make any difference.


Posted: 11:04 09 Aug 07 #4

You haven't installed the USB Flash driver then.  You need to install it.  I did instructions for it, which I will link here


Just make sure where it says "c" on the instructions, you hold 2&5 instead.

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Posted: 14:18 09 Aug 07 #5
  • Fangrim
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Ok - I'll give it a go as soon as my phone is fully charged. Thanks!


Posted: 21:24 09 Aug 07 #6
  • Fangrim
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  • Join Date: 8 August 2007

Ok - I made it work, but it was a real pain...

I'm one of about 5 people in the world that takes a backup of my C: drive every week ;o)

 I restored my previous backup, and installed the SE PC Suite, and the SEUS program.

 Followed the steps you wrote, and voila! It worked.

 BTW: You only need to hold down "2", not "2+5".

 What I think was wrong was the USB Flash Driver. When I installed it the first time, I let Windows search for a driver, and install it. This time I used the driver linked in your excellent guide.

I tried uninstalling it, but every time I tried installing the one you linked to, I got the message that the driver already installed, was newer than the one I was trying to install.

Anyways, all's in working order now ;o)

I thank you all very much for your invaluable help! Highly appreciated that a noob like myself can register on a forum and get help as good as this from the get-go ;o)



Posted: 22:22 09 Aug 07 #7

Thanks for taking the time to post back, and welcome to the forums.  Anything you need to know, just ask.  One of us should be able to help, or at least point you in the direction of where to get help!!

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Pete has fallen in love.

Posted: 14:08 11 Aug 07 #8
Has anyone ever noticed that Vodafone branded handsets don't have the 'check for updates' function in the settings menu? According to SE website, normally you'd go to menu, then choose the spanner'n'screwdriver option bottom right and it's normally about 4th-5th down in the General section. My suspicions are that Vodafone's branding has removed it... any comments?
Posted: 18:45 11 Aug 07 #9
  • anitalg
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I will have,  Anyone who brands a handset gets rid of it.
Posted: 08:26 13 Aug 07 #10

Oddly enough yes, Voda's branding does remove it but read the manual that came with your phone.  I think it was the one for my w850i but in the VODAFONE manual it describes the update service in there!!

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Pete has fallen in love.

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