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File structure on cards and purpose of .mts and .m2t video files

Posted: 19:50 26 Aug 07 #1
  • iainhu
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I have an HDC-SD1 digi video cam and have a technical query over the data layout on the SC-HD cards.

I also want to keep 'raw' backups of the recorded video as reference points so as to allow me to go back and re-edit from original captured video. Looking at the SD-HC cards they are layed out as:


From experimentation I have determined that:

The DCIM/100CDPFP directory is for captured JPEGs (much like any digi cam).

Also that the BMDV directory seems to be the location of the recorded footage, and in particular the .CPI and corresponding .MTS files are the required input to my video editor. The AVCHDTN directory seems to do little although I note it holds .m2t files, these being another format (to .mts) of AVCHD file.

I have therefore been taking my 'raw copies' by saving the BDMV directory and ignoring everything else on the card. However, on recently going to backup a 8Gb card, I noted I have just under 4Gb in the BDMV directory and a near identical 4Gb in the AVCHD directory. Typically I find the AVCHD directory is tiny (a few Mb) in comparison to the BDMV directory.

So my question is:

Which parts of the card should I be archiving to retain complete 'raw recording'? What is the function of the SD1 recording both in .m2t and .MTS formats?

The BDMV and AVCHD directories do not seem to be two copies of the same recording as the .m2t files are all older than my recent clips which are present as .mts files. All the /AVCHD/AVCHDTN/*.m2t files are older (maybe of previous recording although I don't have a.m2t decoder easily to hand) and very oddly are not being cleared up by the recorder when I use it to 'delete all (recorded video) scenes' option. I therefore seem to have a growing directory of .m2t files of questionable value!

Does anyone understand the card file layout and what I should be backing-up? Also, what might I be free to delete manually...given that the camera doesn't seem to be clearing up its own AVCHDTN directory?

Finally, is it safe to MOVE any files or I should I only COPY and leave the camera to delete on-card content and so 'clear up the card' in the fashion it wants? Could a direct MOVE (and so deletion) of some files from the card cause the camera problems?

Many thanks for anyone's help.../Iain

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