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How To : Hard Reset Samsung SGH-i600 Ultra Messaging ?

Posted: 21:34 21 Sep 07 #1

Hi everyone here .. I have simple problem :


I don't Know how to hard reset my phone, please help. 

Posted: 19:31 02 Oct 07 #2
  • mvl1
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Hard Reset

A hard reset is a complete system wipe. It resets the phone to factory defaults.

1) Start > Settings > Security > Reset

The password is 0000.

[edit]More Hard Resets

There are several other ways to do a hard reset. To enter either of the hard reset modes, you must turn the device off first.

First method:

Press "0 + 4-way navigation key UP + Power" simultaneously. After the phone prompts for reset, press 1 and then Y.

Second method:

Press "6 + # + Power" simultaneously.

Format Mode method:

Press "OK + Power" simultaneously.

Posted: 13:33 23 Oct 07 #3
  • sdh1982
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Would i be correct to assume that a Hard reset on a UK Orange branded i600, would only reset

the software to the state it was in when i got it off orange, and not reset it to the original samsung

state before orange got hold of it? 

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