Mobility Pack for LG G2 (Car Charger + Car Kit)

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Mobility Pack for LG G2 Features

A great value-for-money car pack, including a flexible mounting car holder and in-car charger for your LG G2.

Choose the best mounting option and in-car charger for you in the car. The car pack gives you the convenience and total solution to using your PDA phone in a vehicle.
The PDA holder will keep the LG G2 secure and in the ideal viewing position, using either a vent mount, adhesive mount, or a 23cm suction mount.

Note: The holder grips devices from 4cm wide to 11cm wide, the back plate is 11cm tall so it works best with devices less than 18cm tall.
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User Comments

  • by alt-function
  • Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A bit of an puzzle to put together

I found it a bit of a puzzle to work out how to assemble the components into a complete unit.. perhaps Expansys could make a 30 second video to show what all the bits do and how they fit together. I think I've worked it out...

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