Navman 4420 Bluetooth GPS (US Maps)

  • This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

  • Discontinued
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  • , Mfr: AA005421
  • , Brand: Navman

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Navman 4420 Bluetooth GPS Features

Navman's GPS 4420 wireless unit turns a Bluetooth Pocket PC into a flexible and completely mobile navigation tool. Comprimising of all the benefits offered by the previous version , such as 3D View, ZIP Code search, Back-on-Track, Smart ST V3.0 now comes with improved Desktop functionality, POI import, Multiple destinations and much more.

Using the latest map data from TeleAtlas, covering the US down to street level, Navman has made it even easier to navigate. Using addresses, points of interests, and ZIP codes, entering your destination is easier and quicker. Other features such as Area Avoid routing allow the optimum route to be selected, allowing you to route around traffic jams, busy road junctions etc. Should you miss a junction, automatic re-routing brings you quickly back-on-track.

For in-car use, the vocal turn by turn instructions are just what you need to ensure that you are in the correct lane when approaching a difficult junction, highway exit or intersection, removing the stress from driving in unfamiliar city centers. With voice guidance, you can keep your eyes on the road, with no need to look at a screen. If safety is your priority, this facility is invaluable.Voice Data files have been re-recorded giving better tone oscillation and smoother voice files.

The Bluetooth receiver is powered by three AAA batteries which gives up to 30 hours of continuous use. The unit is easily transferred between vehicles. It is also ideal for use on foot, should you have to park some distance from your destination.

Points of Interest (POI's) can be imported using a standard CSV file. This allows you to create your own list of POI's and store them on your PC. You can update you POI's as often as you wish, keeping up to date with the location of gas stations, supermarkets and restaurants. You can also set a visual and audible alert when you are approaching a user defined active POI.

With more and more people using GPS, there is a need to be able to thoroughly plan your journey. Using the Journey Planner you can now navigate from A to B, via C and D. Multiple destinations is an ideal function for a sales rep or doctor who only need to plan one route.

Improving the pictorial presentation of the navigation software has pushed GPS 4420 ahead of its rivals. The next turn arrow icon now also has distance to turn incorporated. New 2D mini-maps for turn-by-turn navigation for an improved view when coming up to a complicated junction. Map topography has been included to show details such as built up areas, green areas, lakes, and contours. Road signs and logos are more visible and with improved POI icons and No entry signs on non-navigable roads, you can trust Smart ST V3.0 to get you there.

Making the software as user friendly as possible has been acheived by improving the User interface of the Desktop application. As well as improved topographical detail, you can plan routes on your desktop and navigate via multiple destinations using the desktop trip planner. POI import manager is also included to make downloading and install POI simple and easy. Map regions have been made so that no file is greater than 50Mb, this allows much more freedom of which files you can download.

Routing is made easier. A simple to use slide switch allows you to scale a preference between Shortest or Quickest route. This allows you to pick the best route that suits you. SmartST V3.0 also displays Longitude and Latitude so you can even navigate off-road.

The maps can also be stored on a low cost memory card (optional extra) and provide users with the freedom to plan any journey throughout the US, without having to load additional maps. In addition, the unit is able to dynamically re-route a map bringing the user back on track. It also offers the option to find the shortest or quickest route to any destination, as well as the ability to store locations as favorites, letting the user find that all important destination again and again.

The Smart ST V3.0 maps still include numbers of points of interest such as parks, lakes, car parks, hotels, gas stations and rest areas. Regular destinations can also be stored as favorites.

In the box:
Bluetooth Receiver
SmartST V3 software and US maps on CDs
Adjustable windscreen mount + cradle for your PDA
Windscreen mount + cradle for your Bluetooth GPS
Car charger
Neck lanyard
3 x AAA batteries
  • Shipping Weight: 2.25lb

Technical Details

  • Voice Enabled Turn by Turn Instructions
  • Automatic rerouting, bringing you back on track
  • US Street Level Maps for ‘Door to Door’ Routing
  • ZIP Code search function included
  • Avoid area function included
  • 20 most recent destination list function included
  • Navigate by Points of Interest (POI) included
  • Intuitive menus and large icons for easy onscreen control
  • Male or Female voice direction
  • Views :
    - Birdseye
    - Streetlevel 2D
    - Streetlevel 3D
  • Step by step instructions to avoid traffic, one-way systems and toll-roads

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